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Smart Therapy Disc™ is a device made for enhancing well-being with a magnetic and scalar based technology supported by the latest findings of quantum physics. It helps restoring the energy balance of your body to make it function in a healthy way. It moves the processes of the body towards balance and harmony. The base of Smart Therapy Disc is the perception originated from ancient India, which claims that our bodies are operated by balanced and regulated flow of particles and energy. Even health of our souls is dependent on these processes. If these fine energy flows are blocked by something or stop working and our chacras can’t function sufficiently and this can lead to diseases. Smart Therapy Disc™ is an effective tool for fine tuning and balancing chacras - it helps to realign their energy flows. Thanks to this, chacras can work in a healthy way thus make natural functions of the body balance themselves, ensuring self-healing, regenerating processes.


Negative ions released by tourmaline have high frequency with which they support and realign the natural ion balance of the body.

EM ceramic

It releases negative ions as well; besides it has a distant infrared radiation which gives a high frequency thus supporting the ion flow. It enhances the power of tourmaline.

Zero-point energy

It recovers the particle flow of the body within a wide range of particles.


North-pole magnetic flow

It regulates the processes within cells, balancing out the natural magnetic state of the body.

Holographic images of herbs

It mediates the positive effect of herbs in forms of vibrations, so that it can also help those allergic to them when having direct contact with the plants.

QRT – Quantum Reflecting Therapy

It stimulates and harmonizes self-healing and corrective processes of the body by reflecting its own particle flows through chakra-points. Besides, it supports metabolism, sooths pain and reduces inflammations and decrease effects of stress. Also, it helps avoiding diseases, fills you up with energy and helps you feel better generally.


It can be used effectively for mood and sleep disorders, protracted pain and inflammations, menstruation pain, stomach issues, headache, exhaustion and lack of energy.

Usage of the device is very easy and there are no known side effects of it.

It can be used anywhere, anytime without restrictions regarding place or time. The simplest way to use Smart Therapy Disc™ is through Chacra Plexus Solaris. Place the device a bit further up from the belly button for 10-15 minutes as described on the device. It is recommended to use the disc regularly (2-3 times a day) especially for those suffering from chronic problems.

Its effect can be enhanced by using the device on all 7 chacras separately moving upwards from feet to the head, letting it do its job for 2-5 minutes on each chakra. Besides, local use on aching spots can help ease pain and reduce inflammation.

People living with pacemakers are prohibited to use the device!


"I’ve had a pain in my knee years ago which occurred once in a while. In the winter, I felt the pain again, had to turn while sleeping and had to elevate my leg. It was very sensitive, I had to be very slow and concentrate on my movements when kneeling. This was my first time using Smart Therapy Disc and the pain was gone with this first time! Some very light sensitivity is left but I barely experience it. I have used the disc 2-3 times after the first one in some weeks."

"I’ve also had some pain in the popliteal when squatting or sitting down for example on the ground. As I was bending my knee I had a stretchy, painful feeling so that I had to be careful when moving. It has been up for some weeks when I used Smart Therapy Disc for a few times and luckily it has been gone for like two months now."

"I’ve had a sty on the lower lid of my right eye. The doctor gave me some antibiotic cream and drops. I’ve used them twice but somehow, I did not like them. It just popped in my mind to use Smart Therapy Disc for it so I have put it 1-2 mms above it for 5-7 minutes in the evenings and the sty shrank day by day. It wasn’t fast, took something like 3 weeks but it got smaller and smaller. In the meantime, there were days I could not use the disc or forgot to use it and then the bump kept its size. As I’ve started to use the disc again it started to shrink again."

"Few days after the sty my other eye had some inflammation – slightly red, dull sensitive to touch and a bit painful. I treated it with Smart Therapy Disc right away and it was gone in a few days."

"The most important thing: panic disorder and anxiety. Since I’ve been using Smart Therapy Disc (about 3 and a half months) I have noticed some changes for the good. General anxiety and fear has decreased, I have noticed it clearly. This is awesome!"

"When my daughter had a really bad headache, Smart Therapy Disc helped ease the pain. When her neck strained, she could hardly move it. The disc helped it with just one use."

Live Blood Analysis in Dark Field microscope

52 years old woman

Before treatment

52 years old woman

After treatment

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